State of the Art Sound Systems
Company D. Entertainment offers many of the industries pro audio manufacturers. AKG, AMT, Audix, Audio-Technica, EAW, Heil, JBL, Line 6, Mackie, Miktek Audio, Nady, Relacart, Sennheiser, Turbo Sound, Shure, Sound On Stage and Tectonic Audio Labs. Small meeting systems to large scale concert systems.

State of the Art Recording Systems
‚ÄčCompany D. Entertainment features three powerful software based mixing and recording systems. First, Presonus Studio One-2 digital audio workstation (DAW). Second, RML Labs Software Audio Console (SAC) digital mixing system. And third, RML Labs Software Audio Workshop (SAW) digital audio workstation (DAW). We provide a professional staff & we work with you to achieve the highest level of service.